Pi Star Technologies is a full-service high tech 3D modeling and software licensing company that delivers "turn-key" solution for your specific needs in moving 2D still images into 3D customized models utilizing our proprietary 3D Pi Star Virtuoso™ software technology.

Our service offerings include:

1.  Migrating your 2D images into 3D models (with a variety of formats meeting the demands of today’s manufacturing). We customize each and every 3D model based on the wishes and preferences of your customers.

2.  Migrating your customized 2D drawings, sketches, or photos into scaled statues and busts made of the available material of your choice.

3.  Creating 3D models from your 2D images for future manufacturing on CNC or CMM machines.

4.  Licensing you our proprietary and novel plug-in module 3D Pi Star Viewer™ that will enable you to view and display your 3D models on your web site or in your office as a stand-alone desktop application.

Our solutions reduce operational costs and increase retail profit margins through automation of the conversion process. Use of our 3D Pi Star Viewer™ also provides you with competitive sales advantage over your competition through enabling your business to demonstrate your product in advanced fashion at the cutting edge of modern technology.

Our main industry focus is on Art and Collectables, Toys and Trophies, Apparel and Shoes, Retail and Accessories, Home improvements and Decor, Jewelry and Mint.


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